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Valrhona%20Single%20Estate%20Collection_tn[1]I went to a great store on Queen Anne the other night called Chocolopolis www.chocolopolis.com .  The owner Lauren Adler gave us a tasting of 6 different chocolates (my favorite was from Madagascar) as well as a lesson in the difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier.  I never knew there was a difference but a chocolate maker is someone who makes the actual chocolate from the cocoa beans and a chocolatier takes already made chocolate and turns it into a confection.

I also learned that we have our very own chocolate maker right here in town, Theo Chocolates.  So if you are craving some seriously great chocolate go visit Lauren at Chocolopolis on Queen Anne – 1527 Queen Anne Ave. N.  Seattle, WA 98109.  (206) 282-0776.




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caroma toiletWhen I woke up this morning, I didn’t think I would be writing about a toilet.  However I’m so intrigued by Caroma’s “Profile Smart” toilet, I just have to share!

The Profile Smart toilet is a dual-flush unit that has a wash basin above the cistern.  When you flush, fresh water comes out of the “faucet”.  It drains down the sink and gets stored in the tank for the next flush.


  • If you have a tiny space/powder room with no room for a traditional sink, this is a good fit.
  • Since you are flushing with grey water, you conserve even more water than a traditional dual-flush.


  • The wash basin is fairly small, so if you are a lively hand washer you could potentially make a watery mess.
  • The ledge around the sink is thin, which limits the types of soap dispenser that can safely sit there.

The Profile Smart is Watersense® labeled which means it meets EPA standards for water efficiency and performance criteria.  You can find a list of other Watersense® toilets here.

– Lauren

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RHT 09_ Participant Badge (2)

Dates:  Saturday Oct 17th & Sunday Oct 18th

Time:  10am – 5pm each day

Address:  Gaspar’s project – 2817 10th Ave E, Seattle

It’s that time again!  Last weekend was the Remodeled Homes Tour put on by the Master Builder’s Association.  Each year, members and their gracious clients open their newly remodeled homes for the public to view. There were 19 homes on the tour (Gaspar’s is home #8) and the doors were open from 10am – 5pm both Saturday and Sunday.

There is always a benefiting charity and this year the Master Builder’s Association let us choose our own charity.  We chose the Women’s Funding Alliance.  And as if seeing beautiful projects and raising awareness for charity isn’t enough to get you excited, this year the tour was FREE!   Ticket books with tour home addresses, pictures, descriptions and directions were obtained the day of the tour at tour homes.  They were also obtained at  Dunn Lumber or Chown Hardware locations.

We were really excited to show our tour home this year, as it is a personal favorite of many employees and is Built Green.  Mark wrote about the project here , under “Century old Seattle craftsman goes Green”.

If you have attended a tour in the previous years, you know how much fun it is to tour homes of different styles and see professional remodeling up close.  If you are looking to remodel your home, the tour is like “speed dating”, as homeowners get to meet many remodelers in one day.  We were happy to see so many of you there!

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We couldn’t be more excited about working with cabinet manufacturer, Pacific Crest Industries…not only because of the quality craftsmanship but because we share many of the same values. We both strive to build trust and respect from our customers, and from this gain loyalty.

It is also important to us that Pacific Crest is environmentally responsible in its manufacturing process and product. For example, its standard particle board used in cabinet case construction meet low formaldehyde levels and over 65% of the hardwoods used for door and drawer faces are certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program. Pacific Crest offers over 40 different styles of cabinet doors and a wide range of storage solutions to not only reflect your personal taste and style, but to provide the best function as well.

If you are interested in a kitchen and/or bath remodel that requires new cabinetry, or even if you are interested in solely purchasing new cabinets, let us know! We can help get you the right cabinets that you need, at an affordable price. More information about Pacific Crest cabinets can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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Recently in our design process we have begun to utilize Google Sketchup to help clients visualize the design of their projects more easily and accurately. Being in the construction field, we are accustomed to understanding a two-dimensional plan of a structure and sometimes forget that it is a rare ability for our clients to have. Google Sketchup is software that creates 3D models which is useful in many ways. It not only provides a clear presentation for the client to easily understand the design, but it also may bring out any flaws that are easy to overlook in a two-dimensional drawing, allowing us to avoid making any expensive mistakes.

A few reasons why we love Sketchup:

  • Sketchup provides shadowing to help understand how daylighting and shading are influenced by design decisions
  • Designers can use Sketchup to apply different finishes and materials
  • Sketchup has building components such as windows and doors that can easily be incorporated into the model
  • Different views can be saved and an animation can be createdSketchup example

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Congratulations to Jen and Isaac Gaspar for the birth of their new baby,

William Thomas, on September 3rd, 2009.

Although three weeks early, he weighed in at 7lbs. 6 ounces.

We at Gaspars can’t be more excited!The cutest father and son



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