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Attention condo owners:  If you have a cozy space or small living area and you have not visited Del-Teet in Bellevue then you might be missing out on that perfect piece of furniture!

This is a great go-to store for furniture items that are well suited to smaller spaces and they will be having a month long SALE on some of their accessories such as rugs, lamps, gifts and art.  One of my favorite sofas is one that Cathy Gaspar got from this store about a year ago that now sits in her living room.

From their website:

What is Right-Size Furniture?
Simply put, it is furniture that you can sit comfortably on, but will not overpower you, or your room. Your feet will rest easily on the floor and your back will have will have ample, comfortable support.

How Small is “Right-Size” Furniture?
Average sizes for all seating pieces are: front to back is 33”-36”: seat depth from front of sofa to the back pillow is 20”-22”: height of seat cushion from the floor is 18”.
As the furniture industry does not yet produce quality furniture in this scale, a majority of our small scaled furniture is made just for Del-Teet.

Their store is located at 10308 NE 10th Street in Downtown Bellevue.  Enjoy!

– Lauren


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Wilsonart has long been in the laminate game and now they are the first  to have their laminate products FSC certified.  Go Wilsonart!

Laminate flooring is made from different component layers that are bonded together. Wilsonart laminate flooring is high pressure laminate (HPL) which means that it is harder and more resistant to scuffing due to the higher pressure used in the manufacturing process.  High pressure laminate flooring also has better impact resistance (no denting) and is stronger so the corners don’t chip.

With this FSC certificatioin, builders will now be able to use this product towards getting their project LEED or Built Green certified.


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Many of you readers are seasoned remodeling vets.  You’ve done 3-5 projects, know roughly what to expect and have enough experience to understand what works and what doesn’t.  Then there those of you who have never remodeled before and are overwhelmed with the complexity that is planning, designing, and building a project.  From the latter group, something we get asked alot is “What should I look out for when planning for my remodel?

In the Remodeling Pitfalls series, we will write about these things with the goal that you will feel more empowered to participate in a successful remodel from beginning to end.


A pitfall in the budgeting step begins almost from the very beginning when you first get the idea of what your budget number is.  What sources are influencing your budget?  Maybe your cousin is a contractor and he thinks that your project should cost “x”.  Or perhaps you have watched many of the fun HGTV shows and are formulating your budget from what you watch there.  Basing your budget on sources like these can lead to disappointments when you find out your budget is not realistic and specific to your actual scope and conditions.

For example a bathroom may only cost $15,000 on an HGTV show, but what you may not realize is that many times materials are donated or purchased at wholesale cost due to the marketing exposure for the supplier.  Many of the shows self-perform the work as well, which does not give you a realistic idea of what labor adds to the project.

Many of you will have had friends and family who had done remodeling projects, so you may be getting an idea of cost from their project.  Before you do that, make sure that you are comparing like conditions.  For example, your friends kitchen remodel in Montana 8 years ago is not going to give you a very good picture of what yours will cost.  Not only is her project and contractor in a different state economy, but material costs are most likely not the same that they were 8 years ago!

Of course having a realistic budget not only saves you from being letdown, it can also keep you from accruing unnecessary costs.  In our experience homeowner’s wish-lists are always bigger than their pocketbooks.  Many a homeowner has spent money designing a project that has ended up on a shelf because it was not feasible to build for their budget and they weren’t willing to compromise scope, or spent extra money in the design phase to redesign.  The most successful projects come out of the Homeowner and the Architect/Designer/Builder working together from the beginning to define priorities and then designing the project to the budget while adjusting scope if need be.

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cocktail_skirt_0187_150 lbd_135_150beverly_022_150


They are having a Grand Opening Party on Friday, November 20th and will be donating 10% of sales to New Beginnings (An organization that helps battered women and their children).  What better an evening than mingling with fashion for a good cause?  You can RSVP to info@vianhunter.com.



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Timothy Brenton SPD

Timothy Brenton S.P.D

On the evening of October 31st, while our little ones were out “trick-or-treating”, a random violent act against our own Capitol Hill police officers took place.  Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was gunned down while de-briefing a traffic stop with his trainee Officer Britt Sweeney.  The gunmen pulled up so close to their car that they could not open their door.  Sweeney was able to duck for cover but Brenton was killed instantly by the shots fired into their patrol car.Police procession 2

Today, a procession of unprecedented size and support, passed by our office just a couple blocks east of the Precinct home to Officer Brenton.  It was amazing to see the overwhelming support by hundreds of participants from police, fire and other law enforcement agencies.  Every where you looked, people paid tribute by lining the streets of the procession route.  From our vantage point in front of our office, we recognized police cars from all over the state and from departments as far away as Eastern Washington, Montana, Oregon and B.C.Police procession 1

While none of us here knew Officer Brenton personally, we do know that his department’s dedication to all of us, keeps our neighborhood here on Capitol Hill safe for us to enjoy day and night.  We can only pass along our prayers and support for his family and brethren police officers.  Please keep them in your prayers too.

For more information click here to see Timothy Brenton’s memorial page.  To see the story on the Seattle Times page click here.  Thank you Tim, rest in peace…

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