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Gaspar’s Construction is a member of the Washington Business Alliance (WBA).  With a strong desire to ensure a quality, affordable education for her grandchildren, Cathy Gaspar has joined the WBA education committee. 

The WBA is an alliance of businesses that brings an entrepreneurial approach to solving our states greatest challenges in education, healthcare, transportation, the environment and fiscal governance.  We promote understanding, collaboration, and advocacy of solutions that foster long-term business growth and community prosperity.

The business values that drive us:

  1. Understand the viewpoints of key constituents, research facts and best practices, and communicate our findings.
  2. Collaborate with others involved in solution generation, and facilitate open forums to build consensus on goals and strategies.
  3. Advocate strategic policies that foster long-term results, and assist with shorter-term opportunities that support our vision.
  4. Accomplish what we set out to do.

We envision:

  1. A quality education system that graduates students ready to fill the jobs of the 21st century.
  2. Innovative research and development that attracts talent and creates compelling technologies to generate new, high-paying jobs.
  3. An integrated, sustainable transportation system that efficiently moves people and freight with reduced environmental impact.
  4. High quality of life that results from a strong economy, environmental stewardship and enhancement of our natural resources.
  5. An affordable healthcare system focused on preventing illness and promoting active, healthy lifestyles and individual accountability.
  6. Economic growth and state fiscal management that enhance the business climate and enable communities to thrive.

Visit the Washinton Business Alliance at http://www.wabusinessalliance.org/


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As a designer, I am always on the hunt for alternatives to the very standard and very affordable and very dull shower curtain.  Yes, I love glass shower enclosures: frameless, hinged, pivoting, even fixed panels without doors-all are beautiful and functional options.  But because of the less-than thrilling hardware choices and bad memories of hitting my head on the cheap 1970’s glass tub enclosures, the option of a sliding door has always slipped to last on the list.

Until now.  Through our glass subcontractor I was introduced to a sliding shower door system that can free-span wall to wall, has a minimal bottom track and operates like greased butter.  It is made by C.R. Laurence and is comparable in price to a classic fixed panel and hinged door system.  There are in several available finishes and its geometry accommodates a good range of design styles.  So now I have a new arrow in my quiver and will post a picture of the results once we install one!  Happy house dreaming everyone.

Posted by Isaac Spinell, Gaspar’s in house Architect. 

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This year Gaspar’s Construction and Gaspar’s Handyman are doing a lot of affordable improvements in basements while people search for more usable space in their existing home.  Check out part two of this series on questions about remodeling or finishing out your basement.

Vist the “On the Level” page for the entire story and other from Mark Hughes/Production Manager.

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