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Gaspar’s Construction and Handyman have teamed up year after year with SASG (Seattle Area Support Groups) for their annual Tree Sale.  This year our Handyman crew installed their racks for holding the trees.  They complimented our technicians by telling them that it is the best set up they’ve ever had. Everything is level and plumb.  I know what you’re thinking but our guys just can’t help making things just right.  If you’re in the Seattle area and out for your trip to purchase your Christmas Tree, make the trip special by supporting this great organization that helps so many in our area.

SASG is located at the corner of 17th Ave. E. and E. Thomas St. on Capitol Hill.  There are plenty of great places for a cup of great coffee close by and shopping is just down the hill.  Make a day of it!

303 17th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112.  The sale runs to 9:00 p.m. on December 23rd.

For information or if you are in need of help from SASG click here.

Merry Christmas!


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Gaspar’s Construction is a member of the Washington Business Alliance (WBA).  With a strong desire to ensure a quality, affordable education for her grandchildren, Cathy Gaspar has joined the WBA education committee. 

The WBA is an alliance of businesses that brings an entrepreneurial approach to solving our states greatest challenges in education, healthcare, transportation, the environment and fiscal governance.  We promote understanding, collaboration, and advocacy of solutions that foster long-term business growth and community prosperity.

The business values that drive us:

  1. Understand the viewpoints of key constituents, research facts and best practices, and communicate our findings.
  2. Collaborate with others involved in solution generation, and facilitate open forums to build consensus on goals and strategies.
  3. Advocate strategic policies that foster long-term results, and assist with shorter-term opportunities that support our vision.
  4. Accomplish what we set out to do.

We envision:

  1. A quality education system that graduates students ready to fill the jobs of the 21st century.
  2. Innovative research and development that attracts talent and creates compelling technologies to generate new, high-paying jobs.
  3. An integrated, sustainable transportation system that efficiently moves people and freight with reduced environmental impact.
  4. High quality of life that results from a strong economy, environmental stewardship and enhancement of our natural resources.
  5. An affordable healthcare system focused on preventing illness and promoting active, healthy lifestyles and individual accountability.
  6. Economic growth and state fiscal management that enhance the business climate and enable communities to thrive.

Visit the Washinton Business Alliance at http://www.wabusinessalliance.org/

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They are having a Grand Opening Party on Friday, November 20th and will be donating 10% of sales to New Beginnings (An organization that helps battered women and their children).  What better an evening than mingling with fashion for a good cause?  You can RSVP to info@vianhunter.com.



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Valrhona%20Single%20Estate%20Collection_tn[1]I went to a great store on Queen Anne the other night called Chocolopolis www.chocolopolis.com .  The owner Lauren Adler gave us a tasting of 6 different chocolates (my favorite was from Madagascar) as well as a lesson in the difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier.  I never knew there was a difference but a chocolate maker is someone who makes the actual chocolate from the cocoa beans and a chocolatier takes already made chocolate and turns it into a confection.

I also learned that we have our very own chocolate maker right here in town, Theo Chocolates.  So if you are craving some seriously great chocolate go visit Lauren at Chocolopolis on Queen Anne – 1527 Queen Anne Ave. N.  Seattle, WA 98109.  (206) 282-0776.



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