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The EPA recently announced that it will extend the deadline for firms to obtain lead certification and training.  Here are the two main points from their announcement:

Until October 1, 2010, EPA will not take enforcement action for violations of the RRP Rule’s firm certification requirement.

For violations of the RRP Rule’s renovation worker certification requirement, EPA will not enforce against individual renovation workers if the person has applied to enroll in, or has enrolled in, by not later than September 20, 2010, a certified renovator class to train contractors in practices necessary for compliance with final rules.  Renovators must complete the training by December 31, 2010.

Even though Gaspar’s obtained our training earlier this year, we heard that it was hard for many firms to get the necessarily credentials by the original deadline of April, as there were more firms that needed training than there were trainers.

If you are an owner of a pre-1978 home and are planning to remodel, it is important that you get the affected area tested for lead.  In the event that there is lead present, especially if there are children or pregnant women who come into your home, it is vital that you work with someone who knows how to contain the dust and debris that come from working in that area.  Gaspar’s is a certified Lead-Safe Renovator in the Seattle area.  If you are outside of this area, you can find certified firms here.

To learn more about lead, its effects and the recent rule, visit the EPA’s page here.


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I recently came across an article by the NAHB Remodelers (National Association of Home Builders) on hiring a professional for your home remodel.  There are some good nuggets in there and I’d like to share the article with you.

Seattle, 4/19/10 -When planning your home remodel, choose to hire a professional for getting the job done right. Home owners can save time, aggravation, and money by hiring a professional remodeler.

“Professional remodelers help home owners rejuvenate their residences for beauty and comfort,” said Donna Shirey, Chairman of NAHB Remodelers. “They save home owners time and money because these remodelers have years of training and in home remodeling experience.”

Consider some of the qualities that make professional remodelers the best choice for your home remodel:

  1. Technical training and experience in home remodeling.
    These remodelers have years of technical training and experience that cannot be equaled by do-it-yourself books or television programs. They understand a home’s structure, electrical wiring, plumbing and other details that must be considered before attempting a home remodel. Inexperience and ignorance can create costly mistakes, but professional remodelers can prevent disasters and solve unexpected problems.
  2. Ability to creatively address budget and space constraints.
    Most remodelers relish the chance to employ new design solutions to reorganize and maximize space in a home. This ability to work with a home owner on their remodeling dreams within a budget is a specialty of many remodelers. They can help propose alternatives that keep the budget in check, such as providing a variety of product choices or redesigning interior space to minimize the need for building home additions.
  3. (more…)

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Now more than ever we all want to make sure that every cent we spend on an investment is packed with value, expertise and quality.

After designing successful remodels for decades, Gaspar’s has learned what works best during the design phase and how to make sure that our clients get great value from their money spent.

Here are 3 quick tips we’d like to share to help you get value out of your design process.

1.  If you have a budget, make it known early.

Sometimes the fear of being taken advantage of can understandably cause one to hold back information due to lack of trust.  Make sure you are working with someone you trust to begin with so your process doesn’t cost you extra.  Communicating what your true budget is can help ensure that you don’t spend extra money having your project redesigned if there are extra features you want to add in the end, or things that need to be taken out because they don’t fit in your budget.  Reworking the design can take time, and time is your money.


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