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Gaspar’s Construction and Gaspar’s Handyman Services are represented at the Remodeler’s Expo in a prime location, just inside the front door at the Washington State Convention Center downtown Seattle this weekend.  Show hours are

  • Friday 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM

We have a great new Handyman display that really shows the extent of what our great technicians can do and the new Bellmont Cabinet display is looking better than ever with the appliances from Blue Star and Liebherr.  Check it out.  Ticket are $6.00 but if you email Mark, our Production Manager, he might be able to get you in for free. Enjoy!


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Thanks to all of you who visited us at the Seattle Home Show.  The Remodeler’s Expo is next!

House Party is the theme of this year’s Seattle Home Show at Century Link Events Center.  It is pretty fitting too because after a couple pretty difficult years for all of us, the economy seems to be bouncing back and the show is filled with energized people and some pretty amazing products and services.  In the NE corner, there is a beautiful landscaped area that is a great area to sit down, take a look at the information you’ve collected and grab some good food.  Today there was even some pretty decent live music for our enjoyment.

Gaspar’s is there this year too.  We just did a complete makeover of our display, featuring grey stained Bellmont Cabinets, Chroma Counters, and appliances by Blue Star and Liebherr.  Come stop by and see us in both # 729.  The show goes through next weekend February 26th.  Click the link and you can get discounted tickets online.

See you at the show!

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point_spotlight_dynamic1Spotlight on Capitol Hill Basement Rescue

Gaspar’s Construction has seen the affect of everyone tightening their budgets yet still wanting that space or update that will give them some new pleasure or comfort.  Our blog has been studying this and we are seeing a trend toward finishing or fixing up previously unused existing spaces.  Done right, this approach costs much less and provides instant equity.   We are completing a great example of the possibilities.  See the Project Spotlight Page for what we’ve discussed so far and how this project is turning out.  All our other previous project Spotlights are there for you to see too.

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As a designer, I am always on the hunt for alternatives to the very standard and very affordable and very dull shower curtain.  Yes, I love glass shower enclosures: frameless, hinged, pivoting, even fixed panels without doors-all are beautiful and functional options.  But because of the less-than thrilling hardware choices and bad memories of hitting my head on the cheap 1970’s glass tub enclosures, the option of a sliding door has always slipped to last on the list.

Until now.  Through our glass subcontractor I was introduced to a sliding shower door system that can free-span wall to wall, has a minimal bottom track and operates like greased butter.  It is made by C.R. Laurence and is comparable in price to a classic fixed panel and hinged door system.  There are in several available finishes and its geometry accommodates a good range of design styles.  So now I have a new arrow in my quiver and will post a picture of the results once we install one!  Happy house dreaming everyone.

Posted by Isaac Spinell, Gaspar’s in house Architect. 

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This year Gaspar’s Construction and Gaspar’s Handyman are doing a lot of affordable improvements in basements while people search for more usable space in their existing home.  Check out part two of this series on questions about remodeling or finishing out your basement.

Vist the “On the Level” page for the entire story and other from Mark Hughes/Production Manager.

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It has happened again.  I blinked and summer was over!  Fall has been pretty forgiving so far, but it’s beginning to get restless out there and time for winterizing our homes is fast running out.  Our upcoming newsletter will have an extensive discussion of everything that can be done to fully and properly winterize your home.  Here, though, I wanted to mention a few things that YOU can do NOW (or this weekend) to give yourself a DIY running start in preparing your house for the coming La Niña winter cold.

1. Replace those furnace filters!  If you use your furnace’s fan all summer to move air around your house like I do, by now it has trapped and killed more dust bunnies than it can hold.  In order for furnaces to run at their peak efficiency, their airways need to be as clean as possible.  A new filter costs a few bucks and takes a few minutes to install.  Make a note of your filter size, then pick up a new one (or three) now.

2. Unless you have the self draining / frost free hose bibbs on your house, you’ll NEED to cover those things with the latest in foam technology: the $4 foam hose bibb cover available at every hardware and home improvement store in America.  For best results, do this BEFORE the fist big freeze (trust me!!!).  If you have the newer frost free bibbs, make sure to disconnect your hoses from them or they can freeze.

3. It’s no treat, but just go do it: CLEAN those gutters and downspouts!  Its dirty, it’s messy, it’s up on a ladder, and if it’s raining it’s even more fun, but really, cleaning your gutters now will save you a major headache when winter shows its face.  If you have clogged gutters when it freezes, the ice can cause all kinds of problems, not the least of which is damaging the gutters themselves.  Don’t wait until this job goes from irritating to emergency.

These are 3 of the big deals on most winterizing lists that you can take care of on your own and save some money in the process.  Remember while you are cursing up on a ladder, that we do these things as ounces of prevention because if we don’t, we pay a much greater price.  Happy fall and rest easy this winter (I’m sure you’ll hear me grumbling from the top of my ladder this weekend too!)  And if these are things that you just don’t want to do, or you have a gutter that’s a hundred feet up there, or not sure what how to get it done, then just call our service department.  They’ll show up with the perfect ladder and leave your yard clean too.

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