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Thanks to all of you who visited us at the Seattle Home Show.  The Remodeler’s Expo is next!

House Party is the theme of this year’s Seattle Home Show at Century Link Events Center.  It is pretty fitting too because after a couple pretty difficult years for all of us, the economy seems to be bouncing back and the show is filled with energized people and some pretty amazing products and services.  In the NE corner, there is a beautiful landscaped area that is a great area to sit down, take a look at the information you’ve collected and grab some good food.  Today there was even some pretty decent live music for our enjoyment.

Gaspar’s is there this year too.  We just did a complete makeover of our display, featuring grey stained Bellmont Cabinets, Chroma Counters, and appliances by Blue Star and Liebherr.  Come stop by and see us in both # 729.  The show goes through next weekend February 26th.  Click the link and you can get discounted tickets online.

See you at the show!


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A quaint staple of the American landscape has made its way into our homes; the sliding barn door.  In it’s classic form it is a simple way of enclosing a large opening with minimal hardware and maximum efficiency.  Its contemporary residential cousins have modified the format, kept all of the charm, and in some cases elevated it to an art form.

In homes today, a sliding “barn” door adds character with its elegantly simple hardware and saves space by eliminating the area needed to accommodate a swinging door.  In its interior application they are a beautiful way to close down a room, partition space, or just hide a mess.  The exterior application of these doors can be a great alternative to French doors to get big, wide openings to the outdoors or a nostalgic replacement for the standard roll-up garage door.

At their most elevated, they can almost disappear.  With streamlined stainless hardware applied to panels of glass, the stately barn door is left behind and replaced by crisp, modern sophistication.

There are many styles of barn door hardware, but they casually break into 3 main categories: flat track, round track, & box track.  These three styles can be used with door panels of many different materials, from classic door style to metal fire doors to shoji screens and sheets of glass.

While these doors are beautiful and fantastic, there are things to consider before you recycle all of your hinges. For interior doors one thing to note is that these doors simply make more noise than swing doors, so if you want to secretly shut the door on your sleeping infant, just remember that there will be some rumbling as the door rolls along its track.  For exterior doors one must remember that these doors were originally for closing down unheated, or informally heated barns and storehouses.  When applied to a contemporary residence, these doors must be significantly customized in order achieve modern levels of weather proofing and energy retention which adds a good deal of cost.

If you like what you see and you accept the quirks, consider adding a barn door to your next home improvement project!   The Gaspar’s Construction and Handyman teams are trained and ready to help with doors of all kinds, from barn doors to doggy doors.

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A new regulation requires contractors working on homes with lead to be certified to avoid fines.  Read more on our “On The Level” page.

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